Advancing Land Records Management: Insights from the 10th LLaRMA Governing Body Meeting

Dr. Pawan Kotwal, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor and Financial Commissioner Revenue, chaired the 10th Governing Body meeting of the Ladakh Land Records Modernization Agency (LLaRMA) on June 6 at the Civil Secretariat Leh. The meeting’s primary focus was to assess the progress of the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) within the Union Territory.

Assistant Commissioners of Revenue from Leh and Kargil presented comprehensive PowerPoint presentations, detailing various aspects of the DILRMP, highlighting achievements, and identifying areas requiring further attention. Discussions centered on issues such as digitization of surveyed villages, demarcation of villages, and the establishment of a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) for land records.

Dr. Pawan Kotwal underscored the project’s significance in ensuring accurate and accessible land records, essential for transparency, dispute resolution, and regional development. He also reviewed efforts to implement and maintain modernized land record systems effectively.

Emphasizing the need for expedited efforts, Dr. Kotwal urged District Magistrates and concerned officers to actively involve consultants and engage villages where surveys are underway. He stressed modernizing storage facilities for land records and recommended implementing the best storage solutions for preserving and accessing digitized records easily. Regular monitoring and evaluation were advocated to ensure the DILRMP’s benefits reach all citizens of Ladakh.

The meeting was attended by key officials from various departments, including Housing & Urban Development, Law, Finance, and the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Virtual participation was also facilitated for officials from Kargil, including the District Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner of Revenue, among others.

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