Advancing Pollution Control: Ladakh Pollution Control Committee’s 3rd Meeting Initiatives

Dr. Pawan Kotwal, the Chairman of the Ladakh Pollution Control Committee, presided over the proceedings of the 3rd meeting of the committee at the Conference Hall of the Civil Secretariat on August 17.

Aditya Madanpotra, the Regional Director of the Ladakh Pollution Control Committee, presented a comprehensive report detailing the actions taken based on decisions from the 2nd LPCC meeting. He followed this with an elaborate presentation outlining the agenda for the 3rd meeting. The meeting’s focus encompassed guidelines concerning hotels, restaurants, marriage halls, banquet halls, party venues, an incentive scheme for the implementation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) within the hotel industry, the establishment of technical positions for the Ladakh Pollution Control Committee, and a proposed model recruitment rule for the chairman and member secretary.

During the discourse on wastewater disposal and water reuse, Dr. Kotwal emphasized the critical importance of investigating and ensuring the proper and safe disposal of pollutants by the LPCC. He emphasized that even minimal pollution can significantly impact Ladakh’s delicate ecosystem. In light of this, he directed all officials to collaboratively develop guidelines, mechanisms, and strategies for mitigating pollution of any kind.

The meeting also extensively discussed the listed agenda items, including the establishment of an adequate number of technical positions, encompassing scientific and engineering expertise, to proficiently carry out the scientific mandates of the LPCC. The draft guidelines, mitigation measures, and strategies for pollution control will be made accessible to the public through the LPCC website.

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