Biodiversity Awareness Day: Uniting for Conservation at Government Degree College, Drass

Government Degree College, Drass, commemorated International Biodiversity Day on May 22, under the supervision of Principal Dr. Amjad Ali Abbasi. The event, themed “Be Part of the Plan,” aimed to foster awareness regarding the critical importance of biodiversity conservation and the pressing need for collective action.

Dr. Imtiyaz Hussain, Assistant Professor of Botany, spearheaded the program by elucidating the significance of biodiversity, particularly in the Ladakh region. His discourse underscored the pivotal role biodiversity plays in sustaining ecosystems and life on Earth.

Assistant Professor of Geology, Syed Rizvi, expounded upon the indispensable role of biodiversity and outlined strategies for its preservation in his presentation. He delineated factors contributing to biodiversity depletion, encompassing habitat degradation, overexploitation, and the introduction of invasive species. Additionally, he discussed methodologies for biodiversity conservation.

Dr. Jahangirr Magray, another faculty member, delved into the exploration of keystone species and their profound influence on ecosystem dynamics. He also offered poignant reflections on the historical backdrop of mass extinctions and the ongoing anthropogenic-induced extinction crisis. He underscored the significance of prioritizing natural products over non-biodegradable alternatives.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Sajjd Hussain, underscored the intricate interdependence among species and eloquently articulated the religious perspective on biodiversity preservation. He underscored how safeguarding biodiversity ultimately ensures the preservation of humanity itself.

Finally, Kaneez Fatima conveyed heartfelt appreciation to all faculty members for their valuable contributions to the event, as well as to the students and attendees for their active engagement.

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