CAZRI RRS, Leh organizes need examination ending up in farmers in Hemis

Your team from CAZRI Regional Analysis Station- Leh convened your gathering with all the farming network of Hemis village lying within the Martselang Panchayat halka in Leh, beneath the TSP structure on July 2.

They was first led by Dr. R. T. Goyal, Principal Scientist and Brain included Dr. Mahesh K. Gaur, Principal Scientist, Er. Changchuk Lamo, Scientist, Stanzin Landol, STA, and Mohd. Raza, STO. Stanzin Chospel, Executive Councillor( Agriculture) and Nambardar, Stanzin Wangldan, along with other Panchayat members with around 20 maqui berries farmers attended the interaction meeting.

Which they conducted a purpose assessment supports based interaction with all the maqui berries farmers. The meeting aimed to discover and identify various problems related to agricultural practices and greater usage of available water solutions.

Dr. R. K. Goyal. provided facts the scheme and seek cooperation from your maqui berries farmers in causeing this to be intervention your successful one.

EC, Stanzin Chospel put forward his expectation through the team and urged the villagers to express their thoughts and opinions and problems faced by them during agriculture practices and the type of scientific interventions needed from the CAZRI team.

Changchuk Lamo discussed the TSP scheme being controlled by the CAZRI RRS, Leh and discussed the agri supports pastoral scenario, land use routine, crop rotation, water utilization, and so forth . in the village. Thereafter, Medical professionsal Gaur initiated an open residence discussion in the participatory function to understand the problems and their very own possible resolution at the community level or upscaling their expertise through training or such applications. Dr. Noor Mohamed discussed the advantages of agroforestry and setting plantation.

Thefarmers of the village also briefed the CAZRI RRS team the current gardening and livestock practices. The maqui berry farmers also shared their problems pertaining to the agricultural practices just like the decline in crop output, soil salinity, issues related to the current seed varieties, berry- drop, etc. It was first informed through farmers that current production is primarily for sustenance simply so improved varieties of seed and horticultural saplings need to be introduced for better development. They were keen on bringing out new short- duration plants varieties and various fodder crops. Thefarmer was very happy and assured to work along with the CAZRI RRS for the overall gardening development of the village. That was further noted that the farmers are willing to choose new practices of agriculture to get prosperity comprehensively.

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