Director Syed Sajjad Qadri Charts Path to Sustainable Rural Development in UT Ladakh

On February 3, Syed Sajjad Qadri, the Director of the Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj in UT Ladakh, conducted a review of centrally sponsored schemes and state initiatives at Leh.

The meeting commenced with an overview of the vision and objectives of the Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj, highlighting their commitment to fostering sustainable development in the region. The primary focus of the discussion centered on centrally sponsored schemes and state initiatives, recognized as essential mechanisms for driving socio-economic progress in UT Ladakh.

Director Syed Sajjad Qadri, in collaboration with Block Development Officers and officials, delved into the details of ongoing projects, funding allocations, and timelines, promoting a transparent and accountable discourse.

During the session, Director Qadri underscored the crucial role played by Panchayati Raj institutions in grassroots development and community empowerment. The importance of collaborative efforts was emphasized as integral to bridging developmental gaps and improving the quality of life for rural residents.

Qadri urged officials to prioritize the needs and aspirations of the people, aligning development initiatives with the unique requirements of different regions within UT Ladakh.

Expressing the department’s ambition to transform the developmental landscape of UT Ladakh, Director Qadri asserted that this endeavor aims to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of the region’s residents.

The meeting concluded with the formulation of a comprehensive roadmap for project implementation, defining timelines for project completion, and establishing a cohesive and coordinated approach to rural development. The participants reiterated their commitment to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in UT Ladakh. Present at the meeting were the Assistant Commissioner Development, Block Development Officers, engineers from the Rural Engineering wing, and other officials.

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