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Vegetarian Food in ladakh. We learned about leh ladakh and its world-renowned landscape beauty. But do you know what is the famous food of Ladakh? Most of us answer in NO. Our ladakh package holds more than just a road trip to extraterrestrial landscapes. And, if we talk about food habits of Ladakh then Ladakhi eat a lot more than momos and thukpa.

The leh ladakh tour is well-known for its cuisine. We are not talking about Momos and Thukpa, instead a ladakh tourism with something off-beat and VEG. Yes, people do eat vegetables at this altitude. Ladakhi food is also known for its locally brewed tea and delicious saag. Whatever is available to survive and they are the best at it. You can explore several unique and interesting foods during your leh ladakh trip. All worth a try, if you ask us. But don’t take too long at restaurants in leh, instead take a look at our curated list of vegetarian food for leh ladakh trip.

Here are some delectable but lesser known beverages and food in leh, along with plethora of vegetarian food in ladakh leh:


#1 Not on your lips but on your palate- BUTTER TEA

Butter tea is one popular beverage across the leh ladakh trip. Locally known as Gur-Gur Chai, Po-cha, and Noon, this drink is prepared from its Yak dairy and a type of Tibetan tea leaves.

Constant consumption of this tea keeps your lip and skin moisturized, in the harsh leh weather.


#2 Have you tried Made in Kashmir, APRICOT JAM?

Chulli (in Ladakhi) or ladakhi apricot is the commercial fruit of Ladakh, famous for its jam usually enjoyed with khambir or baked roti.

You can also try some ladakh apricot chutneys! As the apricot in ladakh is grown in abundance, locals turn them into jams or chutney. Anything for Survival.



#3 And yes! We do eat SAAG.

When spinach is prepared in proper Leh style it can bring competition among the regional non-vegetarian cuisines. Cooked in mustard oil, this cuisine has a perfect balance of spices, with the right amount of red chilies, garlic, cloves, and butter.

Best to be served with rice or chapati, the dish is cooked in every household in Ladakh.



#4 SKYU anyone??

Ladakhi style dumpling soup, where the dumpling is vegetables and dough kneaded into thumb-sized balls. Taste the essence of all the veggies, with a warm sip of this tasty soup. There’s also a Milk based alteration to this savory meal called Oma (milk) Skyu.

P.S. – When in Leh, visit Gesmo Restaurant for the best Skyu stew in leh india.



#5 Bread of Ladakh, TINGMO

Consumed both ways, as a snack or even as a full course meal, Tingmo or Teemo is fermented steamed roti in oven.

Best served with a delightfully flavored hot stew (Veg as well as non-veg).


The popular Ladakhi dish, THUKPA

#6 The popular Ladakhi dish, THUKPA

It’s a real SHAME if you haven’t tried Thukpa yet. Quite popular across the nation, as if it is the only dish in Ladakh.

Did you know, it’s called the Staple food of Ladakh? Usually made by adding noodles to a clear soup. With or without vegetables depending upon your order.



#7 Craving for MOMOS?

The ladakh tour is incomplete without these cute delicacies. Available both as steamed or fried, stuffed with vegetables.

This cute delicacy is a popular street food of Ladakh and the star of every occasion in the valley such as the Losar festival (Ladakhi New Year).


Straight from the Owen- KHAMBIR

#8 Straight from the Owen- KHAMBIR

Khambir is a thick-crust whole wheat brown bread from the region. The fermented Khambir tagi (bread) is a breakfast meal and it tastes best when served fresh. It goes well with the butter tea or sometimes green like a veggie stew.


CHHURPI twistttt

#9 CHHURPI twistttt!

Chhurpe, made from the milk of a hybrid between domestic cattle and yak as an ingredient to create flavourful delicacies in Ladakh. Can be added to thukpa to bring out its flavor or can even be added to tsampa (roasted barley flour).

BTW, you can prepare Kholak at home. Simply mix Chhurpi with Tibetan butter tea and serve it with vegetables. Prepared in two varieties: soft and hard.


Best to end with PHIRNI

#10 Best to end with PHIRNI

Served in baked mud pots locally called kulhaad, Phirni is Ladakh famous sweets. Served in place of Kheer, if you are wondering what makes it tastier? Here’s its secret. It is a rice pudding made of boiled rice, vermicelli, milk, and sugar garnished with dry fruits and pistachios.

Ladakh’s cuisine is heavily influenced by neighbouring regions such as Tibet and Kashmir. While dumplings and noodle soups are common, there are also beans, nuts, fruits, and spices that find their way into delicacies like pulao. Seasonal specialties are not available in Ladakh due to the harsh weather conditions, but the ingredients provide the necessary energy and nutrition. Ladakhi cuisine emphasises hot drinks, soups, breads and home brewed local beer known as chhaang drink to keep the body warm.


ladakh food

Unfold the undiscovered treasures of Leh-Ladakh with our ladakh trip package.

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