Stride for Snow Leopard: Promoting International Collaboration for Conservation on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, an awareness program called ‘Stride for Snow Leopard’ was initiated with a remarkable run from Zanskar Chumik to Govt Degree College, Nubra. The program was organized by GDC Nubra in collaboration with Govt Higher Secondary School Disket, Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), and Snow Leopard Trust, with support from the Police and Medical Department.

Dr. Tsewang Motup, Principal of GDC Nubra, emphasized the importance of nature conservation and highlighted the significance of protecting the snow leopard. Recognizing the crucial role played by snow leopards in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitats, he urged everyone to unite and take proactive measures to safeguard these magnificent creatures.

‘Stride for Snow Leopard’ serves as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of protecting snow leopards and their habitats, while fostering international cooperation in their conservation. By bringing together individuals, communities, and organizations, this program aims to create a collective voice for the preservation of these majestic creatures and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.

The event witnessed the participation of students from Govt Higher Secondary School Disket, GDC Nubra, and dedicated staff members from the college. Dr. Stanzin Namgail, Assistant Professor, delivered an engaging presentation on snow leopards, enlightening the audience about their habitat, behavior, and life cycle. His insightful session shed light on the challenges faced by these elusive felines and the urgent need for concerted efforts to protect their habitats and conserve their populations.

Karma Sonam from the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) shared valuable insights on ongoing conservation activities in Ladakh. He highlighted various initiatives undertaken to safeguard snow leopards and their ecosystems, emphasizing the collaborative approach involving local communities, governmental agencies, and conservation organizations.

Jigmet Stanzin, Physical Education Lecturer, expressed gratitude to NCF/SLT for coordinating such an event, emphasizing its importance in spreading awareness for nature conservation and the unique wildlife of Ladakh.

In the boys’ category, Pemba Gyalpo (GHSS) secured the 1st position, Mohd Ali (GDC Nubra) secured the 2nd position, and Urgain Dawa (GHSS) secured the 3rd position. In the girls’ category, Zatsal Dolkar (GHSS) secured the 1st position, Jigmat Laskit Wangmo (GHSS) secured the 2nd position, and Thinless Youdon (HSS) secured the 3rd position. In the staff category, Dr. Stanzin Namgail secured the 1st position, Mohd. Issaq secured the 2nd position, and Dr. Azhar Hussain secured the 3rd position.

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