Workshopon developing climate- resilient& sustainable agri- based systems for the farming community of Ladakh held

Steadily on Advancement Climate Strong and Sustainable Agri- established Systems for Better Food, Give, Nutritional and Livelihood Security Selections to Farming Community of Freezing Arid Region of Ladakh on June 26.

The workshop was organised by the National Whole milk Research Institute( NDRI), in Leh and Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, RK Mathur, attended the steadily. The event project is funded by the Department of Science& Technology( DST).

LG Mathur asked NDRI to conduct a analysis on the nutritional value of indigenous milk and suggest ways to bring prosperity to the people through the sale of indigenous milk of Ladakhi cows with hypoxic properties. He explained that Ladakhi cattle are known as one of the local cattle varieties of India. Theguy stressed the need for children from Ladakh to come frontward and establish large dairy and fodder units to meet the overall demands of milk of the area population as well as the Army.

He further exhausted the need for large formation of fodder for livestock and suggested that NDRI may guide aspiring young entrepreneurs from Ladakh enthusiastic about the large- range production of fodder and do research on the subject . Theguy explained that it can be the responsibility of the Administration and both the Hill Councils to earmark large areas for the production of fodder and permit young business people to grow.

Highlighting the work being created by the Operations and the Hill Councils to sell horticulture products such as apricot in the international market, LG Mathur stressed the need for the processing of the fruits. He requested NDRI because of their expert advice in the question.

Doctor Anurag Saxena who would lead the DST Project briefed about the project outline and spoke of the shift in precipitation patterns due to the impact of climate change. Theguy apprised of the need for an appropriate land- use plan for Ladakh, keeping in view the climate change pattern. Theguy stressed the need for expanding suitable products for increasing the livelihood of the people of Ladakh.

Dr. Dheer Singh, Use their Director( Research), NDRI, also featured the challenges of the affects of climate change. Secretary, Pet animal, Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries( ASH& Fisheries), Ravinder Kumar, distributed the challenges faced by the people of Ladakh, especially the shortage of fodder and whole in the winters. Director, LUNG BURNING ASH& Fisheries, Dr. Mohammad Casta spoke on the sustainable development of the livestock sector in Ladakh.

Officials, researchers, and experts from various organizations were present during the workshop.

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