Ladakh Peak Climbing

About Peak Climbing Expedition in Ladakh

The adventure of peak climbing cannot get any better than in Ladakh. Nestled between the Himalayas, Zanskar, and the Karakoram Ranges, Ladakh is an ultimate base for mountaineers looking for some of the most challenging and adrenaline rushing climbing experiences in the world.

For mountain climbing in Ladakh, there are 7-thousanders and 6-thousanders that keep this adventure activity worth your while. But then, there’s also some challenging 5-thousanders which make Ladakh quite an interesting destination for peak climbing. Amongst the most popular peaks in Ladakh are Stok Kangri (6,150m) in Zanskar Range, Nun (7,135m) and Kun (7,077m) in the Himalayan Range, and Saser-I (7,415 m), Saser -II (7,513m) and Saser III (7,495 m) in Karakoram Range.

Best Peaks for Climbing in Ladakh

In the Himalayan Range

  • Nun Peak at 7,135m
  • Kun Peak at 7,077m

In the Zanskar Range

  • Stok Kangri at 6,150m
  • Gulap Khangri at 5,900 m
  • Matho West at 5,950m
  • Kantak at 5,275 m

In the Karakoram Range

  • Saser-I at 7,415 m
  • Saser -II at 7,513m
  • Saser III at 7,495 m
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