Suru River: A Comprehensive Guide to Basic Information and Tourism

The Suru River is a 185-kilometer-long river that originates from the Panzella glacier near the Drang Drung Glacier and flows largely through the Kargil district of Ladakh, India. The Suru Valley is coextensive with the Kargil tehsil, with the town of Kargil situated on its banks. The river enters the Kharmang District of Pakistani-administered Gilgit-Baltistan, […]

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Zanskar Ski School Concludes 10-Day Basic Snow Ski Coaching for Children Under 15

The Zanskar Ski School has recently concluded the 1st batch of their 10-day basic snow ski coaching program for children under 15 years old. The coaching program was held at Khangok Padum and was attended by 40 boys and girls. According to Urgain Dorjay, the manager of Zanskar Ski School, the children displayed the skills […]

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